When to Buy a Wedding Dress

When to Buy a Wedding Dress

If you’re newly engaged, you’ve come to the right place! Buying a wedding dress can be a challenging decision to make, especially with all the different options you have to choose from. 

 Our team at The Bridal Room in Virginia believes in making your wedding dress shopping experience as fun and exciting as possible! If you’re unsure of when you should buy a wedding dress, read on for all the details you need to know! 

Once you choose your wedding date and venue, we recommend you start shopping for your dress right away. It’s helpful to do this in advance because many wedding dresses can take somewhere between six to eight months to arrive. Also, there have been some shipping delays in the past several months due to COVID, so it’s best to get ahead as much as you can! 


Simply put, the earlier you begin shopping, the sooner you can have a gown and confidently know that it will be there in time for your big day. Once you begin shopping for your wedding dress about a year out from your wedding, go ahead and establish what your budget will be. Keep in mind any potential extras, like shipping, tax, accessories and shoes! Plan ahead for alterations as well. 


Again, it’s best that you get ahead of the game when shopping for a wedding dress. We recommend that our brides buy a dress at least six to eight months out from the wedding date, which allows some time to shop around and figure out exactly what dress style to go for. 


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