What to Bring to Your Bridal Appointment

What to Bring to Your Bridal Appointment

Looking forward to your bridal appointment, but unsure what to bring? No worries! We want to make sure all of our brides come to their appointment relaxed and fully prepared to find the perfect wedding dress. If you’re getting ready for your appointment and are unsure what to bring, here are a few of our suggestions:



If you’re planning on wearing heels on your wedding day, bring a pair for reference. You don’t need to have the shoes yet (we get it—that’s a choice you’ll likely want to make after you find the dress), but bring a pair that’s closest to the height you want to wear on your wedding day. No need to wear them all day, either! We get you might not want to grab lunch with your girls in a pair of heels, so feel free to wear a comfortable pair of shoes to the appointment and bring a pair of heels along to change into. 



There’s no need to bring a strapless bra along to your appointment, as plenty of dresses do not require a bra. Plus—if you’re the kind of girl who’s going for an open back or plunging neckline, you’re not going to want your bra to detract from the neckline anyways! We recommend coming in nude or white underwear so that you’re comfortable and able to focus on the dress without worrying about undergarments all day. 

Key Decision Makers


We think it’s a great idea to bring guests along to your appointment! That being said, only bring those whose opinions you truly trust and value. It’s your wedding dress, so your opinion is the one that matters most! Bring a few trusted friends and loved ones to help you narrow down any tough choices, and to celebrate when you find the dress! 

If you haven’t found the perfect wedding dress, book an appointment at The Bridal Room and let our expert staff help you find the wedding dress of your dreams.