How To Choose The Perfect Bridal Accessories

How To Choose The Perfect Bridal Accessories


When shopping for your wedding, it’s important to remember that the look doesn’t end at the dress—the dress may be the main event, but the accessories that accompany it are just as important. Finding the right accessories is key for not only showing off your unique personal style, but highlighting all your favorite things about your wedding dress as well. 

Start With The Dress


This is common sense, but don’t start accessory shopping until you’ve bought the dress! Take inspiration from your dress’s details—are you going for a more boho vibe? Classic? Full on glam? Start by evaluating the overall look you want, and search for accessories that suit your vision. 

Consider Your Neckline


Most accessories are centered around your face—necklaces, earrings, veils, and more are all there to highlight your beauty, so consider how each piece will look with your neckline. If you’ve got a gorgeous, intricately detailed neckline, you may want to skip a necklace and opt for a chic pair of earrings to let the details shine, whereas with a more simple style you may find a piece of statement jewelry gives your dress the perfect pop. 




How Much Sparkle Do You Want?


Some women prefer intense, all-over glitter, some women only want a subtle hint, and some want no glitter at all. It’s a personal style choice, but definitely one of the main things to think about while accessory shopping. Consider which areas you may want to add a hint of sparkle to: would a belt make your dress more “you?” A few well placed hair accessories? Find accessories that give you the perfect balance. 



Veils are easily one of the most iconic bridal accessories, instantly giving you a bridal elegance. Your wedding is one of the few times you can wear a veil, but wearing one is completely optional! If you choose to wear one, consider what length would work best with your dress’s silhouette and find a veil that works with your dress. Also consider whether you would want any embellishments, like beading or lace, along the edges of your veil for added detail!





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