Bridal Trends in 2022

Bridal Trends in 2022

Celebrating a new year means getting our hands on the latest wedding dress trends! All the top names in bridal fashion have released their newest collections, and we can’t wait to help you find the gown that you’ll feel like a trendsetting celebrity in. Here are some of our favorite wedding dress trends for 2022:




Wedding dresses with sleeves are one of 2022’s most popular trends. Different sleeve styles can change the overall feel of your gown in different ways: long sleeves allude to elegant modesty, while short sleeves emphasize a youthful aura. Tiny, off-the-shoulder sleeves, as shown above in the Asa by Kelly Faetanini, highlight your shoulders and create a fairytale-like dress.



Sleek & Simple

Elegant and timeless, simple bridal gowns are forever favored by minimalist brides who want a gown that allows their natural beauty to take center stage on their wedding day. This year’s designs take a modern approach to this age-old style, blending sleek satin silhouettes with chic, subtle details, as shown above in the Seraphine by Élysée



Unique Textures

Wedding dresses with non-traditional textures are all the rage in 2022. Floral lace is a classic in bridal fashion, but our favorite designers’ latest releases feature unique details crafted out of shimmering sequins, feathers, or beading, as shown above in the ZB22501 by Zavana.


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