Alterations: When to Start & What to Expect

Alterations: When to Start & What to Expect

So you’ve found the perfect wedding dress for your big day - first of all, congratulations! The fit of your wedding dress is crucial, which is why alterations are so important. After all, on the day of your wedding, you'll want to be able to enjoy showing off your stunning gown! We understand how confusing it can be to figure out when to do alterations and what to expect, so we wanted to take some time to explain how to prepare for alterations!

Do I Need a Fitting?


To ensure proper fit, even a small amount of alteration should be performed on every wedding dress. Even if you splurged on a more expensive gown, it won’t look as nice if it isn’t altered to fit you perfectly. Make sure you leave room in your budget for them. The price fully depends on what needs to be done, which can range anywhere from $700 and up

When Should I Have My First Fitting?


At The Bridal Room we recommend you start your alterations 4 - 6 six weeks before the wedding. We scheduled two fittings for each bride. In the first fitting the seamstress will walk you through bustle options and what she needs to altera the gowns . Most of the brides needs to have side seam, hem and bustle done to the bridal gown 


How Long Does a Fitting Appointment Last?


Typically, each fitting lasts about 30 to 40 minutes.


Wedding Gown Alteration Tips


 To avoid stress and confusion when making alterations to your wedding dress, buy it at least 12-14 months before the ceremony, leaving yourself enough time for fittings and tailoring. Schedule your first fitting with us as soon as your gown arrives. Typically our alteration schedule is booked up 3 to 4 month in advance. 


Bring Your Shoes, Accessories, and Undergarments to Each Fitting


 Be sure to bring your day-of essentials; we all know the difference Spanx or the right strapless bra can make! You want to wear the same thing on your wedding day that you'll be wearing for your fitting, including shapewear. When your tailor adjusts the hem of your dress, wear the shoes you'll be wearing at the wedding so you'll be the same height you will be on the big day. If you’re not exactly sure what shoes you want to wear yet, bring a pair that's the same height as the ones you're thinking of buying (otherwise you'll end up with an incorrect alteration).


Overall, our goal is to make sure that our brides are well-prepared for this process! We’re here to make you comfortable and at ease so this process can be as fun as possible. Do you still need to find a wedding gown? Book an appointment with our team at The Bridal Room today!