The Art of Accessorizing: Choosing the Perfect Jewelry for Your Bridal Look

The Art of Accessorizing: Choosing the Perfect Jewelry for Your Bridal Look

The Art of Accessorizing: Choosing the Perfect Jewelry for Your Bridal Look. Mobile Image

Oct 09, 2023

Congratulations, beautiful brides-to-be! You're on an exciting journey towards your dream wedding day, and one of the most delightful parts of this adventure is accessorizing your bridal look. Jewelry has the power to elevate your bridal look, making you shine even brighter on your special day. So, let's delve into our top tips for accessorizing your bridal look! 


Start with the Dress

Before you dive into the sparkling world of jewelry and other accessories, it's crucial to have your wedding dress picked out. Your gown will serve as the canvas for your accessories, influencing your choice of jewelry. Whether you're wearing a classic ball gown, a sleek mermaid dress, or a boho-chic sheath, your jewelry should complement the dress's style and neckline.


Less is More

Remember the golden rule of accessorizing - less is more. You don't want to overshadow your natural radiance with an overwhelming amount of bling. Instead, choose a few statement pieces that enhance your features and your gown. A stunning necklace, elegant earrings, and a delicate bracelet can work wonders. We love a delicate pair of pearl earrings!



#Freshwater Pearls


Consider Your Hairstyle

Your hairstyle plays a significant role in the type of jewelry you should choose. If you're wearing an updo, you have a great opportunity to showcase statement earrings. For loose, flowing hair, consider a more subtle necklace and let your locks do the talking. You can even incorporate a chic headband into your hairstyle! 



#The Serena Headband


Blend with Your Theme

Every wedding has a theme or color scheme, right? Well, your jewelry should be in sync with that too! If you're having a vintage-inspired wedding, opt for timeless pearls or antique-style pieces. For a beachy, bohemian affair, think of natural stones and earthy tones.



#Baby Breath



Personalize Your Jewelry

Your wedding day is all about you, so why not add a personal touch to your jewelry? Consider family heirlooms, like your grandmother's pearls or your mother's diamond earrings, to infuse sentimental value into your look. Customized pieces, such as initials or wedding date engraving, can also make your jewelry truly yours.


Balance is Key

Balance is the secret ingredient to a harmonious bridal look. If your dress is intricate and detailed, go for simpler, more delicate jewelry. Conversely, if you have a minimalistic gown, don't hesitate to embrace bolder jewelry choices and accessories! Think fun gloves or a fabulous faux fur stole if you want to go bold.



#Ruched Pearl Gloves



Don't Forget Comfort

You'll be wearing your bridal jewelry all day and night, so comfort is paramount. Opt for lightweight pieces that won't weigh you down or cause discomfort. Your comfort should be as radiant as your smile!


And if it’s cold, you might want a jacket to throw on for the reception to take some fun pics in. What about a pearl beaded denim jacket that says “Wifey” on it? 



#White Denim Classic Pearl Beaded Wifey Text


Ultimately, the art of accessorizing is a delightful part of your bridal journey, and choosing the perfect jewelry for your special day should be as enjoyable as tasting wedding cake samples or trying on your dream gown. Remember, it's all about enhancing your natural beauty, adding a touch of sparkle, and showcasing your unique style. So, go ahead, have fun, and embrace the magic of choosing the perfect jewelry to complete your bridal look. Your wedding day is a masterpiece, and you, dear bride, are the masterpiece's radiant centerpiece!