Destination Wedding Dresses

Destination Wedding Dresses

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Dec 07, 2018

As the season begin to turn its hard not to think of the ultimate romantic getaway. More and more brides are planning destination weddings. Whats not to love? Destination Weddings are exciting, adventurous, intimate and so romantic. Here are some tips when shopping for your destination wedding dress and travelling with you dream gown!

Shop for a dress that will compliment your destination.

When shopping for your dream dress you must always keeping mind where you are getting married and find a dress that is the best fit. If you are getting married in a warm climate or by the beach you want to select a gown that is light that wont weigh you down or get to hot through out the day. Breathable fabrics are a must for a hot and humid location. You can always let your bridal consultant know you are planning a destination wedding and they will be able to give suggestions.

If your in need of a little inspiration we will be hosting the Tara Lauren 2019 Isle Botanica Collection January 11th-13th. Inspired by Bali with lush floral fabrics and breezy silhouettes it will make a perfect fit for a destination wedding. Be sure to check out our Instagram for some sneak peeks or the Tara Lauren website. You can book your appointment for the trunk show on the Bridal Room website.

Know how to travel with your dress.

Once a destination bride find her dream gown her next steps is to figure out a travel plan. If you are flying call the airline ahead of time and inform then that you are travelling with a wedding dress. Keep your gown with you as a personal item when checking into your flight and you can ask the crew to store it in the plane closet.

Pack your day of essentials

Amongst other day of essentials we always recommend having a mini steamer for last minute touches. After travelling the dress may wrinkle and need a light steaming before the ceremony. Sewing kits are a great item to keep on hand if buttons need to secured or if there loose threads

Real Bride Cheries Cancun Wedding Photo credit: Marcia Menacos Photography

Real Bride Cheries Cancun Wedding Photo credit: Marcia Menacos Photography