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Aug 27, 2016

Inspiration Boards: An Essential First Step Toward the Aisle

Whether you've been planning your dream wedding your entire life or have never given thought to the idea, an inspiration board is a cornerstone of wedding planning.

Also referred to as mood boards or vision boards- inspiration boards are a fun way to flex your creativity by making your desires for your dream wedding tangible. You can chose to make a physical board or a digital collage (try free online photo editors, such as Google Photos, or a wedding geared option like Dessy Group's styleboard app). The idea is to find a few pictures- usually no more than 15, which convey the essence of your design- colors, textures, themes, etc. 

Your inspiration board then becomes the perfect tool to introduce your vendors (florist, baker, bridal stylist)or wedding planner, to your vision and a great reference to ensure you don't veer too far off track!